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    Please be sure to reply to your email address.
    In the case of mobile, iCloud, etc. email addresses, please specify our domain. You may not receive a reply.
    If you have not received it, please contact us at the phone number below.
    If there are customers who are shooting on the day, we may not be able to confirm your e-mail, so we may not be able to accept your reservation.
    Please make a reservation by e-mail by the day before.
    Please contact us by phone for reservations on the day.


    This shooting range is a live ammunition range for Thai National Police Agency Special Forces facility, Thai Army, Air Force, Navy, Military Police, etc. Advance reservation is required to use the service.

    (1) For reservations, please contact us from this website or call +66 (0) 8-4424-3394.

    (2) If you call us at least 1 hour before use, we will pick you up at the hotel.

    (3) When calling, please let us know the hotel of “name”, “number of people” and “pick-up destination”.

    (4) Avoid sandals as much as possible.


    Our shooting range uses the shooting range of the army, navy and air force, military police, and police facilities.

    (1) Please do not make a loud noise or disturb the training so as not to bother the police officers, special forces, soldiersduring the training.

    (2) Some police officer training is not permitted to shoot. Basically, shooting is OK, but please check with the staff just in case.

    (3) Handling firearms is extremely dangerous. Please enjoy shooting according to the instructions of the police officer in charge.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What kind of place is the shooting range?

    A. This shooting range is the shooting range of the Royal Thai Police Agency. Therefore, the amount of live ammunition is the same as the amount of gunpowder in practice.

    Q. How long does it take?

    A. It takes about 3 hours from the hotel to the end of shooting and returning to the hotel, even considering traffic jams.

    Q. Will you pick me up at the hotel?

    A. Thai staff will pick you up in the lobby on the 1st floor of the hotel you have specified.

    Q. How much does it cost?

    A. Prices start from 50 calibers of 38 calibers and start at 3,300 baht.

    Options and set menus are available.

    Q. Can I use a credit card?

    A. Only cash is available at the shooting range. Please note that credit cards cannot be used.

    You can also pay in Japanese Yen.